Explore the journey of jewelry creation at Bali Sunsri Silver Gallery and Silver Manufacturer located in Celuk Village, Bali. With brand new concept, our gallery provides guest with selection of fine jewelry in various theme while discovering process of jewelry creation using ancient balinese technique. Here we also provide silver classes for you who interested to learn silversmithing from sketch.
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Let us introduce you to, Monica.

Monica is one of three 3D designers at by SUNSRI – House of Jewelry. This girl, whose full name is Monica Wijaya, was born in Solo, raised in Jember, and went for university at Institut Seni Indonesia, Yogyakarta. Being a jewelry designer is her dream and now she’s living in it.

We met Monica first at our internship program, held by Sunaka Jewelry, one of SUNSRI’s subsidiaries. Together with three other friends, Monica had a one-month internship. And here are some highlights from Monica’s internship program.

  1. Design + Inspiration

Monica is assigned to be able to conceptualize a jewelry brand design.

  1. Sketch with 1: 1 Scale

Monica also received lessons of jewelry sketching with a 1:1 scale.

  1. 3D Design with Matrix

Sharpening the knowledge gained in university, Monica received 3D design lessons with Matrix application,            taught by our 3D designer, to make a computerized jewelry model.

  1. Silver Jewelry Making Class

During the internship, Monica was given the opportunity to learn how to make silver jewelry. This lesson made her able to design her jewelry accurately and precisely.

After graduation, Monica received an offer to join the SUNSRI team – House of Jewelry as a 3D designer and has produced several collections, namely, Asoka, Anggrek, Dulcet, and Monstera.

“Being part of SUNSRI opens up many opportunities for me. I learn so many things, not only the process of jewelry making but also the culture. Everyone is family to me. In SUNSRI, I can handle and coordinating all process from concepting, doing the working sketch, material selection, supervising jewelers, also brainstorming with the marketing team. I love working in SUNSRI” said Monica.

Currently, Monica is working on various collections for the Santya gallery. Curious about her collection? Check on her work of art at SUNSRI – House of Jewelry. (es)


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