SUNSRI House of Jewelry | Production
Explore the journey of jewelry creation at SUNSRI Jewelry Gallery and Silver Jewelry Manufacturer in Bali. With the brand new concept, our gallery provides guest with a selection of fine jewelry in various themes while discovering processes of jewelry creation using ancient Balinese techniques. Here we also provide silver jewelry-making classes in Bali for you who are interested to learn silversmithing from sketch.
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Lost-wax casting, also called cire-perdue, is a method of metal casting in which molten metal is poured into a mold that has been created by means of a wax model. With a proper procedure, lost-wax casting is able to produce a large amount of intricate design jewelry with a smooth surface in a shorter time. SUNSRI team always strives to ensure the casting process runs in a proper procedure in order to produce high-quality casting pieces.


Handmade Production


There are various Jewelry production methods, from a full machine-made to a fully handmade process. We pride our specialty in combining modern technology of jewelry making with the artistic touch of skilled-hands artisans of Celuk Village, Bali. The range of SUNSRI handmade production services covers filigree, granulation, chasing, engraving, and repousse technique. SUNSRI has numbers of highly skilled jewelry artisans who specialized in each of these techniques.


Laser Marking / Engraving


Our latest laser marking technology allows us to engrave/marking numbers, letters, logos, photos, on a metal surface with the detail precision of 35 microns. It is also able to cut metal upto1mm thickness with high precision. Completed with automatic movement rotary system which digitally controlled by software, we are able to engrave rings, bracelets, and round objects in general with an Accuracy of 1/500 of a degree, which guarantees perfect positioning of markings even on particularly curved surfaces.


CNC Cutting & Engraving


Our 4 axes CNC cutting & engraving machine are able to engrave beautiful and indelible letters or patterns on a pendant, inside and outside of ring or bangle. This machine is also able to do 2D carving on wax, metal, acrylic, wood, metal, and to do 3D carving on wax. It can also cut gold, silver, copper, brass, with a Resolution of 0.005 mm, so it is suitable for nameplate necklace making.


Laser Welding


Laser welding technology has opened up many new design possibilities. It allows us to solder or repair settings without removing the stones, and to weld objects that are usually inaccessible with welding flame or arc. SUNSRI offers an advanced Laser welding service operate experienced operator.


Carving and Inlay Work


Our highly skilled carving and inlay artisans are dedicated to helps customers embodying their jewelry designs with carving and inlay work despite the intricate of the designs. SUNSRI’s carving and inlay artisans are able to work with various material such as bone, horn, stone, shell, wood, and etc.


Jewelry Plating


SUNSRI offers quality jewelry plating service using the electroplating method. We provide various colors such as 12 k, 14k, 18k, 22k, 24k gold plating, rose gold plating, platinum plating, rhodium plating, and silver plating with up to 2,5-micron thickness. The electroplating method allows corrosion inhibiting, increasing solderability, improving wearability, reinforcing paint adhesion, reducing frictions, improving conductivity, and, in our case, decorating and embellishing the jewelry.


Anti Tarnish Coating and E-Coating


Anti Tarnish Coating is a medium based on nano-technology for protecting silver against tarnishing. Special nanopolymers absorb on the silver surface and cross-link to form a protective layer of a few nanometers thickness. The invisible layer protects the base material from oxidation and discoloration.

The e-coating is infused with nano-ceramic particles which are undetectable by the human eye. These particles make the coating more abrasion-resistant than traditional coatings and they provide a metallic sensation to the touch. The metal underneath will remain perceivable and bring the advantages of antitarnish, Biologically safe, skin-friendly, and hypoallergenic.

SUNSRI offers both Anti Tarnish Coating and E-Coating services at a decent price.