SUNSRI House of Jewelry | Pre-Production
Explore the journey of jewelry creation at SUNSRI Jewelry Gallery and Silver Jewelry Manufacturer in Bali. With the brand new concept, our gallery provides guest with a selection of fine jewelry in various themes while discovering processes of jewelry creation using ancient Balinese techniques. Here we also provide silver jewelry-making classes in Bali for you who are interested to learn silversmithing from sketch.
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Pre Production

Design service


SUNSRI has a product development department dedicated to client design development; Our in-house team of highly skilled designers, artisans, and technicians will help customer to embody their design ideas and concepts into a beautiful piece of jewelry. We use computer-aided technology to create the design illustration which then presented with a visual prototype of the piece. It will give customer a clear idea of what the product will look like. Every progress will be updated so customer are able to review and witness how your idea brought to life.



Wax carving


The first step of the jewelry-making process is creating the prototype. There are several prototype-making methods, wax carving is one of them. SUNSRI in-house team of talented and highly skilled wax carver artisans will help customer to embody their design ideas and concepts into a wax prototype.
The wax prototype can be cast using the lost wax casting method, the casting then cleaned up, if it’s a one-off piece it will proceed to the assembly and finishing process. if it’s for mass production, it will have a mold made.



3D Printing


SUNSRI provides 3d printing services, so customers are able to prototyping complex items with great precision. 3D Printing allows us to make designs with complex shapes with hollows, voids, and small details. It also allows us to estimate the weight of the final product, review and evaluate the design before proceeding for further process. 3D printing has become an essential tool for many jewelry designers because of the precision it gives for the development of new products.



Sample Making


Sample making is a very important role in the jewelry business. We advise customers to make samples before producing larger quantities. By making a sample, we can experience and try the product firsthand. It also allows us to review and evaluate all aspect of the product, so the product can hit a great success in the market.





The mold allows us to produce a uniform product in a faster time. SUNSRI provides two types of molding, Rubber and Silicone Molding. We use rubber to mold metal masters such as silver, copper, or brass, but we have to use silicone to mold masters with a softer material like wax, clay, or resin. Our molding technician will ensure the molds are strong, flexible and reusable, so it’s able to produce identical models time after time.