SUNSRI House of Jewelry | Our Values
Explore the journey of jewelry creation at Bali Sunsri Silver Gallery and Silver Manufacturer located in Celuk Village, Bali. With brand new concept, our gallery provides guest with selection of fine jewelry in various theme while discovering process of jewelry creation using ancient balinese technique. Here we also provide silver classes for you who interested to learn silversmithing from sketch.
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Our Values

WE EMBOLDEN - traditional jewelry artisans to build a sustainable business

Besides producing our own jewelry, we are proud to help local artisans to market their products at our shopping galleries. They have full right to target their market and determined the prospected customers. With mass production surround us we guarantee trust worthy service. We are sure our artisans produce only fine jewelry from authentic materials.

WE ENCOUNTER - jewelry enthusiasts with larger jewelry market, services, and help local artisans to meet their market.

Through SUNSRI, vistors are able to meet their jewelry preferences and inquire their service at one place. We also open the opportunity to local artisans to meet their market by determining the characteristic of their buyer and placed their product on right gallery. And if visitors love to work, care about from whom their buying, we are happy to share the story of its artisan.

WE PRESERVE – silver jewelry craftsmanship to be enjoyed by timeless generations.

Nowadays traditional jewelry artisans are forced to release their business to survive their daily needs. SUNSRI – House of Jewelry giving the possible chance to funnelling their art-pieces at our galleries.  We are on the mission to meet out-world with our very own jewelry cultural heritage, and though new concept store of SUNSRI – House of Jewelry, we are ready to celebrate our heritage and legacy.

Not only focusing on marketing, SUNSRI is a place to educate for those who have this desire to meet our culture. We are giving a memorable experience for those who seek deepen to learn about our culture though museum, factory tour, and jewelry making class.