SUNSRI House of Jewelry | Jewelry Museum in Bali | SUNSRI House of Jewelry
Travel back in time and discover the history of jewelry in-depth at the jewelry museum of SUNSRI House of Jewelry.
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Jewelry Museum

Different from other silver gallery and art shop, at SUNSRI we have a museum to visit. Strongly built with wood and bamboo, SUNSRI museum offers you to be in and to feel silver craftsmanship timetable.


Travel back in time and discover the history of jewelry in depth, learn about the design transformation, detailed information about materials used, various techniques in jewelry making and metal artwork and its development from time to time.


Also, encounter a magnificent array of jewelry from the past, displayed to complete your knowledge in jewelry wisdom.  In the museum we also able to see silver masterpiece from the maestro and learn about the history of silver craftsmanship at Celuk.