SUNSRI House of Jewelry | Jewelry Gallery
Explore the journey of jewelry creation at Bali Sunsri Silver Gallery and Silver Manufacturer located in Celuk Village, Bali. With brand new concept, our gallery provides guest with selection of fine jewelry in various theme while discovering process of jewelry creation using ancient balinese technique. Here we also provide silver classes for you who interested to learn silversmithing from sketch.
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Jewelry Gallery

Sun Sri – House of Jewelry is uniquely designed to assure visitors’ satisfaction in enjoying the fineness of our jewelry collection into such an incredible journey. The House features six different galleries. Each gallery has a unique interior with a different style of jewelry that suits your personal style. We also provide jewelry for the specific category, including women, men, and children.

SAWANA – Chastity in design

Sawana gallery reflects philosophy of purity, gentleness, grace, and simplicity. In Sawana, visitors are able to find simple, feminine, yet elegant silver jewelry collections that will be fitted for those who have love, hope, enthusiasm, and calm that abound in their life.

SAGUNA – Dignity of true character

Visitors will see different perspective when entering Saguna gallery. The philosophy behind Saguna is a nobel identity that appears and blends in ourselves that warmly binds our soul to strongly daring us to achieve more and hold to our truly characters. Jewelry collections in Saguna will be fitted for visitors that have manly, chunky, and bizarre style.

SAMAHITA – A wisdom on style

Samahita brings philosophy of elegancy, in hope where our life will face serenity even in boisterous situation and our purest soul may have impact to cleanse this murky world with our warmth and wisdom. Visitors will find elegant, sophisticated, and glamour silver jewelry collections that brings statement of beauty that speaks louder than words to your style.

SANTYA – Statement of admirable jewelry piece

The philosophy of this room is how as a human being we always shine and reflect ourselves peacefully and purely. In hope through jewelry that we wore, we shows great enthusiasm in energetic way in life to be an impact and to be admire by others.

At Santya, you will find stand out and stylish jewelry with newest jewelry trend.

SRIMALA – The exquisite touch

The philosophy of Srimala gallery is about how we want everyone to have their deeper experience of life history that later will be an encouragement to our lives. Jewelry collection at Srimala, will be a real enchantment and sure will be an exquisite piece to your style.

Various style from ethnic, boho, to a very fine Indonesia unique design will be provided at this gallery.

SITAKARA – Proud timeless creation

Sitakara gallery will be the end of your tour at SUNSRI – House of Jewelry. Using famous drawing technique from Kamasan village, Klungkung, Bali, in this gallery visitors will able to find find classic yet classy jewelry collection. This room has the philosophy of, we should always be alive and living to make memorable creations.