SUNSRI House of Jewelry | Thematic Jewelry Gallery in Bali | SUNSRI House of Jewelry
SUNSRI features 6 thematic galleries with various styles of jewelry. At SUNSRI, you can see whats-behind-the-door of jewelry creation. Bring to life your dream jewelry! We are open to individual custom orders and mass production at a competitive price. Learn more about our services at our website!
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Let’s begin your tour in our gallery! SUNSRI offers you a unique experience that you will never find in other silver jewelry outlets or galleries. There are six different galleries, which each of them have a unique interior that will mesmerize you while exploring the beauty of the jewelry collections.

SAWANA – chastity in design

Sawana gallery carries the philosophy of purity, gentleness, grace, and simplicity. Sawana gallery showcasing simple, dainty, feminine, yet elegant jewelry collections for everyday wear.

SAGUNA – dignity of true character

With an industrial interior style, Saguna Gallery presents a powerful, dramatic, and inspiring ambiance. Explore various bold, chunky, manly, yet classic Jewelry collections in Saguna Gallery.

SAMAHITA – gracefulness in style

Inspired by nature, art, and imaginary Samahita’s jewelry is characterized by a distinctive blend of art and refinement. Discover a variety of elegant, sophisticated, and glamorous jewelry pieces in Samahita Gallery.

SANTYA – a home to avant gard jewelry

aimed as an alternative to the mainstream jewelry design style, the jewelry collections at Santya gallery, offer aesthetic innovation, initial unorthodox and distinctive styles jewelry. At Santya, you will find stand out and stylish jewelry with newest jewelry trend.

SRIMALA – the enchanting Indonesian ethnic beauty

Various jewelry designs of the real enchantment of Indonesian ethnic style with a strong boho look and elegant classic traditional look will be found at Srimala Gallery. the Srimala’s jewelry collections are inspired by the rich diversity of Indonesian ethnic culture.

SITAKARA – Bali inspired creations

Sitakara gallery will be the end of your tour at SUNSRI – House of Jewelry. adorned by Kamasan traditional painting, this gallery showcasing numerous classic yet classy Bali traditional culture-inspired jewelry collections.