SUNSRI House of Jewelry | Enjoy The Hot Summer Vacation in Bali with Exciting Holiday Activities Ideas
Explore the journey of jewelry creation at SUNSRI Jewelry Gallery and Silver Jewelry Manufacturer in Bali. With the brand new concept, our gallery provides guest with a selection of fine jewelry in various themes while discovering processes of jewelry creation using ancient Balinese techniques. Here we also provide silver jewelry-making classes in Bali for you who are interested to learn silversmithing from sketch.
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Enjoy The Hot Summer Vacation in Bali with Exciting Holiday Activities Ideas

Enjoy The Hot Summer Vacation in Bali with Exciting Holiday Activities Ideas

Being a well-liked vacation spot in Indonesia, Bali is the ideal summer place. Naturally, while enjoying a variety of fun outdoor activities throughout the summer, you will be exposed to the hot heat. Therefore, be sure to be well-prepared, wear practical clothing and accessories, apply sunscreen and caps to protect your skin from UV radiation, and bring enough water to keep your body hydrated.

There are several vacation ideas that you may take into consideration if you are still unsure how to enjoy your summer vacation to the fullest.


1. Engage in outdoor activities

Doing sports activities like jogging is one of the suitable outdoor activities during the summer season. Campuhan Hill can be a perfect jogging track with a beautiful sunset view to enjoy the summer. Don’t forget to prepare the necessary equipment and tools and pay attention to safety factors and weather conditions


2. Try new activities

A fun way to spend your summer vacation in Bali is to engage in a variety of new experiences, such as visiting museums. Not only can you learn something new, but you can also learn more about Balinese culture. If you’re interested in jewelry, you may learn more about silver jewelry at Sunsri House of Jewelry in Celuk Village and take part in the fun of Sunsri’s silver jewelry-creating class.


3. Watch art performances

If you are visiting Bali while on vacation, take advantage of the chance to see art performances that are presented throughout the island. The Kecak Dance is among the most well-known performing art forms in Bali. In addition to the Kecak Dance, there are several other art performances that you can watch. There’s no need to worry about the summer heat because you can watch these art performances at Sri Ratih Cottage while relaxing and enjoying your meal.


4. Visit traditional market

Bali is renowned for its vibrant, energetic marketplaces in addition to its stunning natural surroundings. When you visit traditional markets, you can experience Balinese culture more directly along with purchasing one-of-a-kind things. There are lots of intriguing things available for purchase, including handicrafts and fabrics, trinkets, and cooking ingredients. You could also taste some of the traditional Balinese snacks, which have a variety of unusual flavors and are ready to spoil your taste buds!

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