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Explore the journey of jewelry creation at Bali Sunsri Silver Gallery and Silver Manufacturer located in Celuk Village, Bali. With brand new concept, our gallery provides guest with selection of fine jewelry in various theme while discovering process of jewelry creation using ancient balinese technique. Here we also provide silver classes for you who interested to learn silversmithing from sketch.
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Celuk, The Living Heritage

Celuk, The Living Heritage

Celuk Village is located on Gianyar, Bali and has been known for its gold and silver jewelry craftsmanship for a century.


The beginning of Celuk’s traditions started when Nang Gati, a Celuk resident, went to the Mengwi Kingdom in 1915 to study metal craft. Upon his return, Nang Gati taught the first generation of craftsmen to make tools for religious ceremonies. And later, their creating accessories for the royal family and noblemen until the 1940s. In the 1950s, Bali began receiving tourists and lot of craftsman start to open art shops and selling their jewelry product. However, 1980s was the momentum of jewelry industry in Celuk. Beside beaches and art performances, Celuk began to be a popular destination. Where tourists can create and shop various jewelry with different design.




Bali boombing paved the way for Celuk jewelry

Then 2000s was not as shiny as before due to the rise of new silver jewelry sales points and tight competition from foreign businessmen who understood foreign markets better. And the worst time was when Bali bombings occurred in 2002 and 2005, Celuk was ‘collapsing’ slowly. Many business shutted down, craftsman gave up their art shop, and the worst things is they retired from producing jewelries.


Heritage should be Passed On

This situation is not holding young generation in Celuk to stop passing the legacy, since they have been taught how to make jewelry from generation before. So, they initiated to establish Celuk Design Center (CDC) in 2009 to revive business in the village and held Celuk Festival where the festival involved exhibitions, fashion shows, and attractive games.


Celuk Today

Now, Celuk still on the way to achieve glory days like back then. Together, craftsman, business man, government, investors, helping each other to maintain this living heritage and the industry.
Art shops are improving and offering other experience about jewelry to foreign visitors. One of the example is SUNSRI – House of Jewelry, claiming as one stop jewelry experience, SUNSRI offering state-art of jewelry by letting visitors have directly interaction with office members, craftsman, enjoy jewelry museum, and providing jewelry making class in different class types. (es)




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