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Explore the journey of jewelry creation at Bali Sunsri Silver Gallery and Silver Manufacturer located in Celuk Village, Bali. With brand new concept, our gallery provides guest with selection of fine jewelry in various theme while discovering process of jewelry creation using ancient balinese technique. Here we also provide silver classes for you who interested to learn silversmithing from sketch.
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Balinese Traditional Repousse and Chasing Technique

The repousse and chasing technique are one of the ancient jewelry-making techniques; it has been around since 2500 BC. Repousse technique is the making of patterns on thin metal sheets by hitting it from the bottom and the top with blunt tools. In the beating process, the metal sheet is laid on soft gum resin so that the desired embossing pattern can arise.   Chasing is a metalwork technique used to define or refine the forms of surface design and to bring them to the height of relief required. The metal is worked from the front by hammering with various tools that raise, depress, or push aside the metal without removing any from the surface.     The repousse and chasing technique are very popular in Bali since the days of the kingdom, its called...

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When it comes to getting dressed for a summer party, a unique sparkly accessory can be something you need to go for over-the-top. Monstera Collection comes to be the perfect choice for you!   Monstera Collection design from SUNSRI – House of Jewelry is inspired by Monstera Deliciosa, a native species originated from the tropical forests of southern Mexico. Not to mention, its unique shape can be surprisingly well to be drawn into a Jewelry design. Designs with similar attention to detail, these stunning pieces are thoughtfully crafted out with an uncanny sense of precision and proportion and are realized in a unique yet exciting look.        The creativity of our Jewelry Designers and the talented hands of our silversmiths collaborate and bring results in the sparkling array of Chain necklace, pendant, brooch, dangling...

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