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SUNSRI House of Jewelry, a homage to various jewelry collections offers the visitor a state-of-art experience by providing factory tour and jewelry making class. We are also a jewelry manufacturer with experience more than decades ready to help you in bringing your jewelry ideas into life.
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About Us

At glance


Establishing with a new concept, SUNSRI – House of Jewelry is a home to various jewelry collection ranging from ethnic, contemporary, bohemian, minimalist styles and more, all come at competitive prices.

 SUNSRI – House of Jewelry offer you a state-of-art experience by exclusively inviting you into what’s behind the closed-door through our everyday-program of factory tour. Discover the stages on how local artisans of Celuk combining ancestral expertise and technology in creating bejewelled masterpieces, starting from the design process, crafting process, assembling process, up to finalization.


Moreover, we understand by being a witness will satisfy the thirst of a true beauty-seeker, especially to a jewelry enthusiast. Citing to that point, SUNSRI – House of Jewelry offers an extensive program of silver jewelry making class. This programs are tailored for various levels of jewelry-enthusiast, all under the direct guidance of expert jewelry artisans.