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Silver jewelry manufacturer based in Celuk Village, Sukawati, Bali. At SUNSRI, you will also find thematic jewelry gallery and museum in Bali. We have programs for jewelry enthusiasts such as jewelry factory tour in Bali and the best jewelry making classes in Bali.
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Jewelry Manufacturer in Bali, Gallery and Jewelry Making Classes in Bali

Establishing a new concept, SUNSRI House of Jewelry is offering an ultimate one-stop jewelry experience, product, and services through the jewelry museum in Bali, jewelry factory tour in Bali, jewelry gallery in Bali, jewelry making class in Bali program, and a full range of jewelry manufacturing services in Bali.

Since 1979 SUNSRI Bali Jewelry Manufacturer has been specialized in producing sterling silver, brass, and copper jewelry. Each and every piece of SUNSRI’s jewelry is crafted by highly skilled Indonesian designers, artisans, and technicians, and all are thoroughly inspected through a number of quality control stages by conscientious experienced artisans.


Jewelry Museum in Bali

In SUNSRI’s jewelry museum Bali, you can travel back in time and discover the history of jewelry in-depth, learn about the design transformation, detailed information about materials used, various techniques in jewelry making and metal artwork, and its development from time to time.

Jewelry Factory Tour in Bali

Sunsri House of Jewelry gives you an opportunity to explore the ‘what’s-behind-the-closed door’ of jewelry factory through an everyday factory tour program. Take this tour to watch closely and learn more about how SUNSRI produces its jewelry from the initial process up to the final stages. Explore more the history of jewelry making through our program of Jewelry Factory Tour Bali!

Jewelry Gallery in Bali

Find the jewelry that suits your style in SUNSRI’s jewelry galleries. There are six thematic galleries aesthetically designed to complement each jewelry collection. Explore various jewelry collections ranging from ethnic, contemporary, bohemian, minimalist styles, and many more. Visit our best jewelry gallery in Bali to find the widest selection of jewelry!

Jewelry Making Class in Bali

SUNSRI House of Jewelry offers various classes for those who are interested to learn jewelry making directly from the experienced jewelry artisans! The programs are tailored in various levels for jewelry-enthusiasts. Join the best jewelry making class program in Bali!

Jewelry Manufacturer in Bali

SUNSRI have experienced helping thousands of customers to bring their creative vision of jewelry into life. We provide a full range of jewelry manufacturing services in Bali.

We are proud of our expertise in combining modern technology of jewelry making with the Celuk Village inherited traditional techniques. Visit our Jewelry Factory in Bali or contact us to explore more about our services, products, and get your quote!

Jewelry Photography Service in Bali

There can be no overstating the importance of an eye-catching photo. Since 2015 SUNSRI has provided creative product photography, with an emphasis on clarity, lighting, and quality, which will help you to hit a great success in sales of your products.


We are ready to serve you daily, from Monday to Sunday at 08.00 AM 5.00 PM – Bali time. Please contact us for any inquiries through the following contacts:


Sunsri Jewelry house

Jalan Raya Celuk

Gianyar – Bali

80582, Indonesia.


+62 361 298275


Custom  : +62 811 3960 4855

Jewelry Class : +62 811 3960 4855